Best of M.E.

Year One:


In The End We Are All Pictures

Counting Up From One

Twenty Questions

The Void and the Great Unknown


A Soul Anatomy Game


Rise Of The Supermoon

Counting Colors and Covering Ground

Do The Best You Can

1000 Times A Year

I’m So Full Of Shit

Ten Billion Truths


When We’re All Grown Up

The Soul Upon Reentry


Take Your Love Down The Line

Hands And Feet Yeah

Way Up In Elder Mountain

The Year Of The Restless Ones

Burning Ways

Lovely Cynical Cyclical

The Great Big Black Abyss

Stungun Fighter

A Ukulele Tune

Keep Your Chin Up

How I Learned To Love My Mistake (Out For Blood)

Year Two:

Alone In A Crowded Room

Mortality Shimmy Shake

Fight The Way You Feel

My Lips Are Sealed

20th Century Kind Of Life

Is This The Shape Of Things To Come?

Recent Succcesses

Call Us Cinders

Out Of The Dark Dark Dark

Letters from the Apocalypse

Good Man Trying

Sunday Night Blown Away

Top of the Earth

Awake and Breathing Slow

The After Party

Fact Ain’t Truth

River Song

Awake In All You Do

Embrace/Defy/Emerge Resolved

Wise Up

Self Portrait

Dangerous Music

Hello, Paradise.

Thinking Like a Stranger

When You Love You Most?

A Degree of Belief

Restless Mind (Limited Heart)

The Sun and Other Things

Starlight and Other Things

Part of the Price to Exist

Gold Shore/Green Sea

Cars Trucks Animals People

Hurricane Music

The Sound of Planets Spinning

Year Three:

Sentimental Creatures

Never Were You Better

Two Verses

My Final Song!

Human Kind

Pins in a Map

Solace and Sunshine

Self Improvement Kick

Long Shot

Some Nights

Take To Heart


Look At You Now


Country Mischief

Out The Door

Little One

The Great Machine


How the End Begins

On Being

Bump Ba Bump

White Hot Room

Nothing Ever Goes To Plan

River Song 2

Nice Things For David


Some Kind of Hope

Thanks for the Chaos

Year Four:


Don’t Get Down Get Up


Far and Howling Creatures

First of the Year

So Much For Entropy

Little Do We Know

What Soft Inscription

Glass Houses

I Think This Boat Is Sinking

Land of Giants

How We Got Here

River Song 3

Crows Nest

Season Of

The Rest of Your Life

Look, You’re the Ocean

Summer’s End

Mount Everest

Listen, You’re the Ocean

Prove It

When it Goes

Kingdom of Circumstance