Week 204 // Curious Lullaby

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Swing this chariot low
It carries me home

Hear the hours tick by
Such a curious lullaby

See my serious friends
Seeds we plant here
And later will tend

What of years as they go?
It’s a good thing
We’ll see what we grow

Sounds like this
Tick tock sung from my wrist
This time, such precious lullaby

Time’s a serious friend
It reminds us
What’s good has an end

What are we ever to do?
Shape the moment
And carry it trough

Sounds like this
Tick tock sung from my wrist
This time, such precious lullaby

I just returned home from an annual gathering of friends that I rely upon to recharge my emotional battery, to take stock of my life and friendships, and to orient my life’s compass for another year. It is chiseled on my calendar because the friendships that are cultivated and renewed there are much of the vital glue that holds my life together. This was the fifth anniversary of our original reunion, and as time passes, our lives change, our characters evolve, and our interactions deepen, it becomes clearer to me that this event both reveals the passage of time, and suspends and reverses it all at once. The things that remain the same become heightened, but they also reveal the march of time, and the preciousness of every minute that one can share with such valued friends. My watch is pretty loud. I can usually hear it. It is a constant auditory reminder of the preciousness of time, and what we do with it. This weekend was time well spent.


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