Thank you!

On the occasion of six months of new music every week I would lake to say a few thank-yous, because I have had a lot of help on this project over the past half of a year. Thank you to Nick Mastors who co-wrote and performed numerous songs with me, and without whom this website would certainly not exist. Thank you to Miguel Williams who lent me his talents when I needed help writing two songs in rush, and for making it so much fun. Thanks to Alex Selby and John Goodridge for providing me with unparalleled levels of feedback. Thank you to Jake Aron for all of the recording advice. Thank you to James Atwood, and Brian Kipruto for driving an absurd amount of traffic to this website (amongst many others who are too numerous to list!). Thank you to everyone who has listened, commented, and spread the word. Thanks to Steve Skop for teaching me everything I know about music. Thank you to everyone that I forgot to thank (I am sorry!). Most importantly, thanks to my parents for more reasons than I could possibly say!

2 thoughts on “Thank you!”

  1. This website is more than thanks enough. I look forward to the new song every week. Thank YOU for making my Mondays not suck.


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