Beginning this week (Week 30) all of my new songs will be posted at 3:00pm (eastern) rather than my traditional noon post-time. I have noticed (through some complex and sophisticated statistical analysis) that my site traffic doesn’t begin to pick up until after 3:00 on Mondays which makes my noon launch seem rather early. This change will allow me a few extra hours to make sure my song rocks. If my calculations are correct, hardly anybody will notice that I have changed anything at all! In the spirit of transparency: I have pondered making this switch for months, but I am compelled to do it this week because I am extremely doubtful that my new song will be finished by noon. So sue me!

Here’s hoping that the three hour span between noon and three doesn’t suck,

If you are a loyal listener who feels that I have somehow betrayed you by making this decision, please let me know! A sizable donation to my PayPal account might convince me to change my mind! See the button to the right.

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