A Call to Visual Artists!

I would like to write a song about your artwork and feature it on this website! If you would like to have your artwork featured on this site as a song illustration, fully credited with links to your own website, I will be taking submissions for the next two weeks, and intend to choose four pictures based solely on my personal preference and level of inspiration. I will take submissions in any form, be it painting, drawing, photography, digital mishmash, etc. Send me something you really love, and I’ll do my best to turn it into a song.

Submissions should be sent in .JPG format and should be at least 700 X 700px. You may submit as many as you like. I’ll warn you ahead of time that everything will be cropped into a square and fitted with a neon yellow-green sidebar. Please send submissions to this email address. Thanks in advance to all who make submissions. I hope I get more than four!

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