Week 96 // Starlight and Other Things

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If the sun is shining
I’m like the moon light
I’m throwing cold light at you

And if the earth is burning
I’m like the stop sign
I like a fresh disaster

If you know
All the cleverest phrases
And easy mistakes
And the reasons you wake up cold

And if the curtain’s rising
Sing hallelujah
I think you’re on to something

In the starlight
In the starlight you will let go

If the ground is moving
I’m standing right here
I am a stubborn child

And all my powers brewing
I made myself clear
I shall not crack a smile

If you know
All the shallow excuses
And devious uses
And deep cuts and bruises grow

If the curtain’s rising
Sing to your brother
I think you’re on to something

In the starlight
In the starlight you can let go

This week’s song is meant as sort of a bratty retort to last week’s “The Sun and Other Things.” The first song acknowledges that life changes, but the sun is still going to rise, and there will still be things that are good and constant. The retort says “screw change, I’m going to stay right where I am.” It is a nod to the idea that every time we make progress, we necessarily slide back a bit before truly moving forward. The song takes the position of the “stubborn child” digging in his heels in the face of change, but it ultimately makes peace. Even the stubborn child, when nudged, will eventually move.

The tune is as simple as it gets, which in part is thematically part of the “bratty retort” to last week’s song which was extremely elaborate. This week, all I’ve got is voice and guitar, and there are audible mistakes on both of them. I had time to fix them, but I liked the sort of awkward vulnerability that they lent to the song. When a stubborn child digs his heels in, he exposes his immaturity, just as I have left some of these bare mistakes exposed.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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One thought on “Week 96 // Starlight and Other Things

  1. OK, I give up. Where are the mistakes? Sounds great to me. You voice is becoming a familiar instrument that works better with a sound concept than a lot of electroinc enhancement. Thank you for another remarkable piece.

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