Week 93 // A Degree of Belief

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I lied when I said to you
You’d go and I would feel okay
And now wondering what you’d do
And how friendship is so strange

And that’s when I know
You’re here
You’ve said goodbye
It’s time you should go

And I’d fall away
Catch myself on a late summer day
Autumn concepts, all coursing
And suddenly burning their way through my veins

The Earth, suddenly so vast
And we, tiny and complete
The long shadows that we cast
Believe, one degree at least

And that’s when I know
You’re here
You’ve said goodbye
It’s time you should go

This song is for Marissa and Nick who came to my house this weekend to say goodbye before a long long journey. Friendship is so wonderful, but it can be so very hard. It is never harder than when you are saying goodbye. The vast emotional context of certain friendships can overwhelm you in a moment and leave you with little idea of what to say. I didn’t feel that I truly expressed to these friends what I felt when they drove away for parts unknown, so I tried to put it in a song. The song, while pretty enough, doesn’t seem adequate either. These people are monolithic to me, casting such long shadows over my concept of my life, perhaps long enough to reach across the country. I hope so. In any case, I already miss them sorely, and suspect I will continue to do so always. Bon voyage my friends!

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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2 thoughts on “Week 93 // A Degree of Belief

  1. This is a song with universal meaning and a beautiful expression of feelings that touch us all. That’s real art. Nice guitar, too.

  2. dude you killed it this week. I was actually sad when it was over. The slow strumming away at the guitar, and the contrast between high and low vocals gave me chills… Be nice to hear some more of that low voice, its a gift

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