Week 512 // Keep the Light

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All kinds of walls outside
I take my time
In the dark
Travel by moonlight

All the stars might align
I beg for signs
Through the night
Tend the fire
Keep the light

It’s real
It’s flesh and bone
Sleep and dream of home
We recall the way to go
I hope


I had a bunch of plans for this song that I didn’t get to try. Just as I was hitting my creative stride, it became clear that a pretty big sound system was being set up directly across the street for a sidewalk party. I raced to complete the song as it became increasingly impossible to keep the neighborhood festivities from bleeding into my microphone. I’m not a professional, and I don’t record in a studio. When these things happen, I try to take them in stride. Ultimately, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got here. This is a 2020 song, by which I mean it’s a song about striving to counter the darkness. It’s a song about holding onto hope.


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