Week 51 // Keep Your Chin Up

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Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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I’m shaking in my boots
Lord I gotta do better
All I’m thinking’s really what’s the use
In talking work and the weather
And trying to seem cool
In a cable knit sweater?
She’s gonna dig it or she’ll cut me loose
What did I say that upset her?

You keep your chin up kid
You let them know that you’re a winner
You gotta tell it like it is
You gotta earn it like a sinner
You gotta earn it with your heart
You’re not a beginner, no
And when you feel it like you feel your art
That’s when you know you’re gonna win her

It’s time to ante up
Time to ante up
Time to ante up
Time to ante up
Time to move

I love the things that you say
The impossible way that you move
I even dig the way you push away
I gotta say I’ve got a lot to lose
And if there’s any chance that you’ll stay
I’ve got a lot I wanna say to you

It’s time to ante up
Time to ante up
Time to ante up
Time to ante up
Time to move

 width= This week we’ve got a hip little number about not feeling cool in front of somebody who you would really like to believe that you are cool. It has happened to me a million times in my life, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true for just about everybody. You stand there in front of this amazing unknown entity and you stammer and look at your shoes. You smile and make small talk, and all the while you are berating yourself inside of your head. This song is a pep-talk. This song is searching for the natural badass inside of all of us. It is searching for the person inside who is not concerned; who knows what he wants and how to get it. It is a song about attraction and the loops that it makes us do in our heads, and the pressure that it convinces people to put on themselves. I have a feeling you will get it.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

P.S. Be back in ONE WEEK for Mount Everest’s First Birthday Spectacular! One year of new music every week! Woohoo!

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4 thoughts on “Week 51 // Keep Your Chin Up

  1. Jesse, Although not quite in the way the song describes, I’m feeling some of those emotions right now. Week in and week out you consistently amaze me by being able to put in to words feelings and emotions no one else can. You truly have a gift

    • Thanks Spiderman! It means a lot to me that a bigtime famous superhero would take the time to listen to my music! I’ll do my best to keep it up.

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