Week 509 // What Do I Know Anyway?

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Is this the rain we hoped would come?
Is this enough to make it?
All the ways that time has gone
All the thoughts I waste it on

Is this the rain we begged to fall?
To clean away the worst of it
All the edges are built up walls
And all the kids seem melancholy

But what do I know anyway?
What have I seen of it all?
What do I know anyway?

Is this the way we meant it to go?
Apart from all our senses
And when they leave us we cannot know
The chasm it creates in us

But what do I know anyway?
What have I seen of it all?
What do I know anyway?

New York is not so bad these days. Still, as I touched upon last week, it isn’t quite how I left it. The subtle and obvious differences in how people behave and get around are still making themselves evident to me. They underscore the crisis, even as I see evidence everywhere that people are coping and finding ways to reassert their agency.

Simply being reminded of the pandemic as I try to readjust is enough to make me feel more maladjusted than I might really be. It’s a feeling of being a bit off. Sometimes I think things are really bad here, and then I remind myself that I was nowhere near this place when things got bad. I hear beautiful music from down the block. Frankly I know very little — certainly not enough yet to form an opinion about how good or bad things are. This is a song about assuming and learning.


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