Week 503 // Ley Lines

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Out of a past life
Who’s to say?
‘Cause I don’t know

The Earth is moving
Any way
It wants to go

Left from an old time
Under the ground
Beneath your feet

Here on the front porch
To sit around
And shoot the breeze

I ain’t sayin’ in ain’t so
All things come and go

This week’s song is a bit of a sketch to keep me warmed up. I like the harmonies and the feel, but the track isn’t extremely developed. That’s okay, by the way. This is an important part of writing. Ideas can stay small if they want to. They always lead to bigger ones.

I’m not sure why I thought of Ley Lines while I was writing tonight. If you’re not familiar with the notion, the idea is that ancient people built important monuments aligning with ancient energy fields crisscrossing the globe. New age weirdos think that aliens were involved. It’s way out there, but I’m poking at the idea that there is knowledge that is older than us, and that it has something to say to us today. The themes are a little undercooked, but they could develop later on if there is something there. Meanwhile, I’m happy to have made something that sounds nice.


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