Week 502 // The Shake

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Feel the shake
Keep us standing
See the crack beneath the dust

Hold my hand
We can go around it
Blaming angels just because

Hold me back
At the edge of the pavement
And say we’re lost like everyone

Hold me down, all you got
I believe it’s the way
I’m shaking just because

We can start again
Don’t listen to anyone
Know the ground could fall away
Feel us shaking just because

Come away
Share a secret
Reach the cloud beneath the peak

I’ll tell a joke
and if you like it
I’ll kiss the ground beneath your feet

I’ll tell the truth
In a way that you hear it
You’ll know you’re not like everyone

I’ll say it all dear
And time won’t defeat it, It’s so
We change it just because

We can start again
Don’t listen to anyone
Know the ground could fall away
Feel us shaking just because

Hold me dear
At the end of the evening
And say we’re not like everyone

Hold me down, all you got
And believe it’s the way
We’re shaking just because

I honestly couldn’t tell you when the last time was that I made a song like this. Bass, electric guitar, programmed drums ⁠— all that’s missing is the bleep bloop synths I once obsessed over. I used to primarily write this way, but I’ve been so deeply involved with my acoustic side that I’ve long let this fade into my background. Last month I rescued my electric instruments on an overnight to our apartment in Brooklyn. I had intended to grant them their triumphant return for Week 500, but the song I found myself writing that week didn’t want them at all. This week’s song really really did.

I feel a little rusty at this. I feel like I’m shaking off the cobwebs. How the hell do you mix vocals over all this racket? Seriously, if you have any pointers, please reach out. I’d have loved to have given them more presence and clarity.

This is a song about surviving together. It’s about living through the current moment and it’s unexpected trials, to be sure, but it’s also about learning to go the distance with somebody. It’s about persevering and reinventing together. In a month, Rebecca and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, so these are themes that are beginning to feel earned.

Seriously, if you want to talk about mixing vocals in a busy track, I’m all ears. Otherwise, I’m feeling really happy with how the cobwebs came off of this old process.


2 thoughts on “Week 502 // The Shake”

  1. I love the extra effort of the bass and the drums. It is a terrific piece! But, you will get no advice from me about mixing vocals in a busy track. I think that you do it just fine.

  2. Love this track. I think the vocals are sitting nicely! The mix overall is great. Not sure how you got those guitars to sound like horns. I’d love to hear a whole album like this.


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