Week 499 // White Smoke

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White smoke
Always like a ghost
Swallowing folks up whole

Not far in the distance
Raise a mighty fist and hold

I’d be dishonest if I tried to paint myself as a true activist. That said, I have participated wholeheartedly in demonstrations for causes I care about for around two decades. I have to admit that in that time I have never truly believed that our power as demonstrators stood much of a chance at putting a real dent in the entrenched power structures against which we’ve shouted and marched. That’s changing for me right now.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Of course there have been seismically important gains made by activists in the past two decades. I’m not here to criticize people’s movements. I’m here to talk about the magnitude of what’s happening right now, and the faith in the power of the people that seems to be awakening everywhere you look.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the wake of this electric moment, but I do feel that something is changing. The power of what Black Lives Matters is accomplishing right now is greater than I can articulate, greater than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. I wrote this little song in awe of the movement.


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