Week 497 // Walking Back from Oz

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Slowly walking back from Oz
The war is over now
It was hard to recognize the start
Now it’s hard believing

Though the storm
Blows hard on everyone
Know the sun
Shines bright on everyone too

Blow the candle out my love
The evening’s over now
And it’s strange
To recognize the dark
Given all I see in it

Though the night
Grows long for everyone
Know the light
Can shine for everyone too

I’m glad to have this song. I was working on another that I’ve been enjoying a great deal, and this song intercepted it to be finished first.

This is about traversing a personal trial, and understanding that both your challenges and joys are echoed in every other person you encounter. It is easy to feel like your troubles are yours alone, but our humanity unites us in these experiences. We all feel the breadth of happiness and sorrow, and to some degree we must all walk a similar road. We each have to traverse darkness into light again and again. Realizing that this experience is common makes it a little easier to contend with.

I was given a new guitar, a La Patrie Arena, and it is inspiring me to play and write at all hours. It actually debuted on last week’s song, but I wanted to take a moment to give it a special nod, and to say thank you to my parents for such a beautiful gift. I look forward to collaborating with this instrument for many years to come.


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