Week 495 // The Only Light

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Last another day
I’m a warm statue in the sun
I’m a cold captive of the moon

With me in the morning
Close your eyes
With me in the night
Track the moments
Count the ages
Try to get it right

When the sun goes down
The moon’s the only light

Hold it at the edges
And if you should wake
Keep it in your eye
Keep the good days
All the bad days
Try to get it right

When the moon goes down
You’re the only light

On Wednesday I will have my 35th birthday (holy smokes). It’s funny getting older in Covidworld. Life seems like it’s on hold, but time sure isn’t. We’ve still got to get older every single day, but there’s still a lot of living we can do if we want to. I reflected a bit on this notion in this week’s song while sincerely enjoying myself on the guitar.

I’m a sucker for alternate guitar tunings, and I have written the vast majority of my songs that way. I love how they transform the instrument and force me to write from a new perspective. This week I went in search of a new tunings to try, and was excited to discover one favored by Nick Drake. I’m not a major student of his work, but I have always enjoyed the deep richness to the low-end of his guitar, and I wouldn’t mind emulating if I could. It turns out that his low end comes from tuning his low E string all the way down to a low C! That would do it.

So I went ahead and tuned my guitar like Nick did, but I didn’t really want to make a Nick Drake song. Instead of writing something dreamlike and dusky (that’s how I think of him), I went for something a bit more upbeat. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

I also hope you enjoy looking at the artwork for this week’s song. Rebecca made it and it’s beautiful. She has been stretching her creative limbs by drawing to stay emotionally limber through these strange days. She’s a great artist!


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