Week 49 // A Ukulele Tune (Maybe You Can Help Me Finish It)

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Jupitier Johnson
Montana Gura
Tilly Clemons
Krishna’s Drama Class
Joanna Vinton
Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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A word is all
A word is always
A word is always there to forget
La foi est toujours la a oublier
A souvenir is not your friend
A trinket does not fill a bed
Lift caked palms to words unsaid

The truth lies in
The truth lies inside
The truth lies inside what we forget
Ne jamais oublie la verite
On clouded hills that sting your eyes
The summit winds and hard goodbyes
Your truths will change when the crow flies

The world is all
The world is always
The world is all
The world is always
Relive your life on the outside…

 width= This week I turn over Mount Everest to The Jiminy Crickets, which means that joining me on this track is the amazing Joanna Vinton. We collaborated a couple of months back on some cover tunes as a wedding present for our friends (maybe if you are all good I’ll post them as bonus tracks sometime soon), and I’ve been hoping to get her on this website ever since. I sent her a little ukulele tune last weekend and she ran with it, marking this website’s first cross-continental collaboration. She even got some way cool San Franciscan kids involved. Since she is the author of this week’s lyrics, here is what she has to say about this song:

The silent words on the final chorus are ‘the world is always there to explore’. Despite the hardened realities we create for ourselves, the truth is that the pain is of our own creation. I daily urge myself to deconstruct any barriers I have created for myself, especially in my own creative realm. Children help. Children always help. Explore with your child eyes, friends.

So there you have it!

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

Mount Everest has a brand new Facebook page! Please go to it by clicking on this link. When you get there please hit “Like” because then everyone will know all about this whole thing and year two (just around the corner!) will be heard by dillions of real actual humans!

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3 thoughts on “Week 49 // A Ukulele Tune (Maybe You Can Help Me Finish It)

  1. Jesse, JoJo and crew,

    This song is truly enchanting. There is so much emotion resonating from the tone in the vocals. I love the organic feeling when the two voices coming together. The children add an an extra touch of sweetness that makes the listeners heart melt. LOVE IT!

  2. in the spirit of alliterative marvel comic names i bring you one i hadn’t noticed :P. Really amazing song this week! I was initially sad when i realized it was some song by the Jiminy Crickets, but it was awesome. I especially liked the whistling part of the intro and all the kids singing along. You guys really went above and beyond this week

    • I’ll remind you that this isn’t the first time that a collaboration has prompted a name change on the site. When I collaborated with Miguel and Alex we posted as the Durham Dirt Danglers. Similarly, this week it’s the Jiminy Crickets. Speaking of alliterative comic names, check out Jupiter Johnson at the top of the performer list. She could totally be a superhero!

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