Week 489 // A Late Winter Song

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In slow motion
Take me out of time

What comes first
When troubled days arrive

Remember the faces you have loved
Remember the silence of the snow

It’s only time
And time is known to pass

Even footprints
Tend to fade at last

Remember the laughter all around
Remember the silence of the snow

Snow snow is drifting
I feel fixed in place

We can drift like snow
In different ways

Remember the warmth beside the glow
Remember the silence of the snow

Where you are, it may be springtime. Here it is late winter, and I have spent two Mondays in a row writing music to gentle snowfall out the window. The snow suits the moment better than the spring, even as I envy those of you who have sunshine and green things to greet you when you go outside. It is a time of great anxiety, and the peaceful falling of the snow is a beautiful counterbalance to that anxiety. I wanted to write a song to capture that peace in order to balance out my own dark currents. For the moment, It feels like it worked.


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