Week 481 // A Battle Prayer

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Modern ways
Don’t weigh me down
I can see through the darkness
I can hear every foot step
But for my own
But for my own

All the while across the field
I hear a prayer
In a language I don’t know
A note of anguish
Strikes a tone
It strikes a tone
A note of strangeness
All our own
All our own

Oh the dogs begin to howl
And the wild things grow angry
Blood and bone
Baring fangs
Each scared of their own
Scared of their own

And the cloud
Will take a toll
On both the wild and weary
Oh the wind works a theory
All its own
All its own
We’ve been fearing all our own
All our own

2020 was destined to be a fraught year. Election years always are, and this one will be the worst in memory. Today marks the Iowa Caucus, and tomorrow the most corrupt president in history will gloat through his State of the Union address on the literal eve of being acquitted by the US Senate following a sham trial that heard no witnesses. America is a nation at war with herself, and we must live through it. I offer us this prayer.


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