Week 48 // Stungun Fighter

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Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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I count my steps and turn around
Hovering by my hip, feet on the ground

And I say now life’s a funny thing
The way it pulls you up instead of settling

It’s fingers and toes and sinew and bones
Just physical things and nothing I know

And every dream mistaken for life
It gets in your heart and you keep it alive

Looking around I’m looking for you
My feet on the ground and I’m getting a clue

Open up you’re talking to me
I’m looking at you, you’re looking through me

Concentrating on livin it tough
I’m never content, It’s never enough

Fearless me, I’m conjuring ways
To live in the dark and dream in the day

 width= Stungun Fighter is a kind of song that I’ve long told collaborators that I wouldn’t be involved in writing. I’ve always said that I didn’t want to write those songs that are principally a single section repeated over and over again with incremental changes each time. It isn’t that I dislike those kinds of songs, it’s just that I find them hard to write without getting bored. So here I am having written the song I said I would never write. The good news is that I didn’t get bored writing it. I sincerely hope that means that you will not be bored listening to it. The tune is a bit dark. It deals in concepts of internal conflict, and external ennui. It is the sort of song that I write in order to avoid feeling certain ways, rather than the kind of song that I write in order to vent an overwhelming emotion. That may seem a bit hypocritical from the guy who wrote “The less you feel, the less you know, the less you know, the worse you’re gonna feel.” But what can I say? I’m not always great at taking my own advice. But writing this song was really less about avoiding an emotion and more about expediting one. When I feel these things creeping in at the edges I use a song like this to feel them as quickly and as deeply as possible so I can get on with things. It’s like a stungun to the abdomen. It’s quick and dirty, but it isn’t going to kill you… and that’s a pretty funny thing to write before segueing into…

…Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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2 thoughts on “Week 48 // Stungun Fighter

  1. Hey jesse,
    great song this week. I really liked how even the quieter parts had an electricity to them that i havent heard much in your music before, im not sure if its better or worse, but it was a nice change. Not gonna lie, i was really dissapointed when i realized the title wasn’t “shotgun fighter”

  2. Jesse,

    Once again the intellectual honesty in the note is a delight to comprehend and a challenge to all of us trying to dream our way into a new reality.

    The construct of the song and its presentation is etherial and leads the listener to ask the same questions that you reveal as the motive in the notes.

    You are getting good at spelunking into your own motivations and confounding excuses for….? failing to act on a agenda known only to you. Your willingness to creatively share the process challenges us all who are also caught in our own mind games. That is the essence of all art. Stay with it. Paradoxically your success is emerging from your own questions to yourself about your definition of success and how to act.

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