Week 471 // River Song 5

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By the river
Looking into it
Not the way that we remembered it
These things will change
And I’d believe most any news
From home

Hold the door
And I will run for it
Put your back and shoulders into it
You’ve held the world
It’s this I ask and nothing more
Of you

There are lots of ways
There are many ways
We can take the long way home

I can swim upstream
I’m sure of it
I can fight the current
All the way home
God and my will
The trappings of a zealous heart
I’ve known

There are lots of ways
There are many ways
We can take the long way home

These nine years are inconceivable to me as I think back to the day I launched this project. I vowed not to let music drift from my life, and it hasn’t. For this I’m grateful and I celebrate. I am particularly grateful to my wife, my parents, my family, my collaborators, my friends, and my listeners for their continuing support and encouragement since that long ago November. As a token of my gratitude, as has been my custom, I offer this free download. It features 23 of my favorite songs from the past year.

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This song took the long way home. It has been a kind of white whale to me since I first plucked at it some time in February. Sometimes l love a guitar piece so much that I’m afraid of it — afraid to touch it, to defile it with the wrong words, or besmirch it with the addition of an unworthy new passage. It might seem dramatic. To your ear, this piece may not warrant that reverence. To me, it was a jewel never to touch, except to idle upon it in my apartment, always to put it away again. Every time I tried to finish it, I fled. Until today.

An important step was to realize that this is a River Song. Since the first one I made during year two, I’ve periodically found inspiration in rivers, because rivers are already songs, and they’re different every time. This time the River Song is about change and patience. This year has been abundant with both. I’m happy it is finished. I feel free to start the 10th(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) year of this project with a clean slate.

I hope you’ll stay with me this year, and perhaps share this project from time to time with people who love music. The next twelve months will bring both the 500th song of this project, and its decade anniversary. I can’t imagine how that will feel, but I would like to share it with you. Thank you for listening.


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2 thoughts on “Week 471 // River Song 5

  1. It is great to celebrate this amazing accomplishment with you. Thanks for the download, and thank you so much for all the efforts you have made over a very long time. I hope that there will be another “River Song” in this tenth year that is coming up.

  2. Who knew nine years ago that you would be continuing with your ambitious endeavor! I am so proud of your talent and your commitment to your craft, Jesse.

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