Week 467 // Seekers

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Hold me
The same way
All the way home
All the creatures
All the seekers
And non-believers

A motion
A kindness
In the silence
Empty stages
All the phrases
On torn out pages

Oh heavens
All of nature
All the creatures
Every feature
Of true believers

I’m really enamored with this little song, but I’m at a bit of a loss on how to interpret it. I allowed the lyrics to come with very little friction, without a critical eye on the surface of the text, or the need to convey a specific meaning. Perhaps it is good if this one is up to you to read into, but I still feel a duty to try to decipher it just a little.

A thought: There is something in this song that speaks to losing and finding faith. The faith found doesn’t seem to be the same as the one that was lost. Perhaps the lost faith lost was wrapped up in assumptions about the self, and the found faith is rooted in discovery of the world outside.

Another thought: I am often interested in the word “creatures”. In my work creatures are sometimes monsters or threats, both internal and external. Other times, creatures are animals, friends, or the kind and misunderstood other. I think this song uses all of these meanings in very few words.

Those are my thoughts on this song.


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