Week 465 // The Glow Worm Serenade

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The Earth is aglow
And we are alive

The Earth is aglow
And we are alive

The Earth is alive
And we are aglow

Riding back to New York from Vermont in a rented minivan, David and Nat could tell that I was feeling anxious about arriving home in time to write and record a song today. It was after five, and traffic seemed to be slowing. Luckily, I was riding with two of New York’s most creative and supportive musicians. They convinced me to strum out a new tune in the car, and they offered to help. My range of motion was tight, and recording conditions were less than ideal, but we made it work as best we could. We were coming off the emotional high of a beautiful annual gathering with our dearest friends, so the sentiment came easily.

David and Nat provided whistling, vocal improvisations and harmony, and I plucked out a nice thing on the guitar while I sang a simple notion into my phone. The engine roared, doing its best to obscure the finer subtitles of Nat’s vocal “trumpet” solo, but you can hear it there behind it all. David sounded like a beautiful song bird.

I’m grateful for this life and the people who live it with me.


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