Week 460 // In a Sea of Stars

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In a sea of stars
Calling out your name
With the window
And it doesn’t matter who hears


And the trouble’s gone
Walk the same way home
In the cool breeze
Sun light
Everything is looking up


I wrote this guitar part in my parents’ living room in New Hampshire on Sunday morning. I’ll often record clips of ideas on my phone so I’ll remember them later. Listening back as I prepared to make this recording, I heard my dad say, “that one’s peaceful, what do you call it?” I replied as I continued to play, “it’s called I don’t know, I just made it up.”

My mom suggested, “well you need to give it a name,” to which I replied, “that’s usually the last part.”

Now that it’s done I, I have a less evasive answer. It turns out it’s called “In a Sea of Stars”. I wanted to give it the feeling of home that I always feel in that living room in New Hampshire. The words don’t necessarily speak to that exact Sunday morning in that exact room, but I hope the feeling comes across.


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