Week 454 // Slowing Down

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I was slowing down
lips in a smile
Eyes not associated

Always listing my breaks
Its nothing special
Make it feel ordinary

Trees that wave goodbye
Can’t take them with you
Can’t ever stay there with them

I was slowing down
Lips in a smile
Eyes not associated

Frequent listeners know that some of my songs are sketches. I think of them this way because of my deep background in the visual arts. Some work is looser and faster. The lines aren’t as clearly defined, and the hand is free to describe impressions alongside more definitive assertions of form and space.

Here is a sketch. The words are impressionistic. The performance is far from perfect. The ideas stand as much in their potential as in their realization. It begs to be returned to, seen from another angle, taken in a different direction, disregarded, or reimagined. I like the ideas I’ve glimpsed.


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