Week 45 // Lovely Cynical Cyclical

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Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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Everyone everyone everyone sees it
The way that we change who we are
With the change in the seasons

And each time we look at it, look at ourselves we believe it
What’s not to believe?
Not believing at least would be treasonous

The truth’s at the end of the road
And everyone feels it but nobody knows
And everyone’s guarding it ever so close

Maybe I maybe I maybe I dreamed it
The day we all shed our own skin
To reveal what’s beneath it

And maybe we’re crushing ourselves by the weight of our secrets
And maybe it’s time to be time to be
Time to believe in us

The truth’s at the end of the road
And everyone feels it but nobody knows
And everyone’s guarding it ever so close

 width=We’ve got some colors popping out this week here in my native land! It is my favorite time of year because the change is so magnificent and it underscores the very essence of our human condition which includes (but is not limited to) our inextricable link with the world around us. This link manifests itself in a curious way. In no small sense we become different people as the seasons progress. It is probably a reaction to the different demands that each season places on our every day lives, but in a real way our very likes, dislikes, moods, passions, interests, sociability, interactivity, and connectivity are subject to the whim of the season outside of our windows. This begs an important question: just who the hell are we really? That question is at the heart of this week’s song. Not all of the changes that come with each season are positive. Our cyclical selves are not created equal. It is totally normal to wake up in the middle of a season and realize that you are not very excited about yourself. It is conversely appropriate to find yourself on the seasonally best day of the year (whatever your preference may be; mine is right now) and realize you are exactly the person you want to be. It is this realization that we are so inconsistent that worries me. I want to strive to be consistent, but that would be a battle against our nature. I’d have to move someplace with no seasons (and no offense to those of you who live in places like that and love it) but that would completely suck. I’d rather battle my demons year in and year out and ask big questions of myself. I’d rather accuse myself of dishonesty, and every now and then feel like a disingenuous jerk. It’s not going to last anyway. That is the natural way of things. That is the change of the seasons.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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One thought on “Week 45 // Lovely Cynical Cyclical

  1. Jesse, especially great imagery this week. I’m continually amazed at how you can look at the world and put into words the things and emotions nobody else can. You truly have a unique talent. Keep on doing what you’re doing

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