Week 445 // Waking

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In the morning
In the morning I am waking
In the morning
In the morning sun is shining
In the morning
In the morning I see you
In the morning I am with you

At the last minute, I took Thursday and Friday off of work to venture into New England by car with my wife. The trip owed its spontaneity to the fact that Rebecca will soon be taking off to work abroad for ten weeks over the summer, and we have precious little time to spend together before she goes. We hadn’t had a lot of time together recently because of her law school finals, and we quickly remembered the rejuvenating and soul-satisfying effect of each other’s company. This is a simple song to reflect the moment of waking to remember that there was no need to rush to some other obligation. However fleeting it was, we had made real time to spend together, and it was good.


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