Week 443 // Stalling for Time

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I was not tired
I went to bed
I was not rested
I got up
I’m mindful that
The world expects
From each of us
A fixed amount
I count on factors I predict
And suffer variables abound
I stall for time
I keep it honest
Keep it honest with myself

Today is my 34th birthday. I like my birthday, so I’m glad about it. Still, I’ve been doing this project since I was 25 years old, so as I write this post on my Birthday, I’m compelled to ponder the passage of time on a scale greater than just the last year of my life. My life, and the terms by which I live it, has changed a lot. The sum of the world’s expectations of me has changed quite a bit. I do my best to keep up with it. It’s all a little complicated, so I tried to simplify it with three chords. I might have to act like I’m a grownup most of the time, but I’m still allowed to make it punk if I want to.


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