Week 44 // Burning Ways

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Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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I awoke like
The sound of thunder
Bones in my blanket
Alone and wondering
If I’d be a good man
Like my father
I could be honest
This time next autumn

She could be there
Coming in on a wave oh
She’s got intent in her stare yeah
And her burning ways oh

I’m a volcano
Like molten rocks
And God was an artist
So all’s not lost
And I was a lover
Before this started
I was in love with
My broken heart

And there was a time
I been a coward and a stray yeah
I couldn’t look in her eyes no
I would have turned away yeah
But she’ll come with me
I’m gonna find her some day yes
She’s got intent in her stare oh
She’s got them burning ways

What you ain’t learned yet kid
You’re not the only one
You gotta give what you get oh
You gotta love the sun yeah
And she’ll come with you
Riding in like a wave
She’s intent to find you
She’s got burning ways

 width=Burning Ways is an uncharacteristically optimistic love song by a man who has not been in love for quite some time. There’s something about living in a new place that makes me feel like anything is possible. In this song I reflect on the attitudes that I’ve had about myself and about love. I discuss the ways that I’ve been, the ways that I feel now, and the ways that I want things to be. Essentially the point of the song is that in a new place, people have an opportunity to be the person they would like to be. Whatever baggage they have had doesn’t have to come with them. There are new people around every corner. The blissfully optimistic part of the song is that when you are pining away for some seemingly impossible love, there is somebody out there looking just as hard to find you. It’s not necessarily realistic, but it’s a nice thought, so I sang about it like it was the truth. Also, I believe that this song features some of my best moments on guitar. Cool!

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

3 thoughts on “Week 44 // Burning Ways”

  1. Hey jesse… really strong song made my 2 quiz and a test monday suck infinitely less. Really nice to hear some lower vocals every now and then. keep em coming


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