Week 42 // The Year Of The Restless Ones / What Happens Next?!

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Oh and there came a day
When I rode into the sunset
Is there any other way?
And oh while we’re young
Will we live for the truth?
Be the restless ones
Not to waste this youth
And on the first of the year
We’ll remember this morning
It started right here
‘Cause this was the day
Of no regrets on the run
And this was the year
Of the restless ones

And I’ve been like a child
Experience heightened and powers dull
Unready to deal with things like love
And forgiveness and what should be held above
Like what is the meaning of these years in a feeling of defeat?
And the healing of ascent in the fall
And I’m given enough
And What could happen next?
What could come after this?

Oh in an ordinary way
You can live locked inside yourself
Everyone can turn away
But as long as you live
You’ll be tethered to the ground
Better living in a restless world
Better loving to be found

On Friday I literally rode off into the sunset. It was awesome. I know I said I was moving a few weeks back (and even wrote a song about it), but a funny thing happened and I moved last friday instead. This song is about emerging in a new place and a new state of mind. It is about realizing that you are young and and how amazing that is. It is about recognizing how you’ve been less than you could have been and coming to the realization that there is no way to know what is coming next. It is about embracing restlessness because it is the very life’s blood of youth and of youth’s urgency and vitality. It is about starting something even when you don’t know what it is. It is about living in a moment that you know for a fact is a fixed point in your history that you will doubtlessly look back on with wonder. It is about perspective.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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