Week 415 // The Veil

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Hold on
Come the rain
And the wind
On the way

The rain is a veil
Fit to blot out the light
A contourless sinister show
Now the chill could set in
And your stride could relent
Holding to your ticket
With a long way to go
Hands into your pockets
You’ve a long way to go

The tower to your right
Is the home of a wolf
And a wolf has a pretty good nose
Now don’t think of his teeth
As you’re passing his door
Eyes upon survival
You’ve a long way to go
Intent on more than living
We’ve a long way to go

Hold on
Come the night
Come the moon
Shine a light

The moon is a light
Fit to pierce through the veil
Set the shadow in contrast below
And the stranger you see
Be he friend or a foe
Walks alone in moonlight
With a long way to go
Walking under moonlight
You’ve a long way to go

It was a bad week in America and I took comfort in writing this song. My fingers tried to make sense of a senseless moment along the strings of my guitar as the rain fell outside. The full suite of heightened alert besieged good people, from fear, to outrage, to pain, to sorrow, to loss, and back to fear again. So much has just happened. This song acknowledges the wolf while looking for friends in the faces of strangers. Remember, there are so many of us who see the wrong that is being done.


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