Week 407 // City Limits

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We were saying just the other day
We have got to get out of town
And any road out of here could lead the way
Just for a while we could clear the city limits

And I could look to you and see your eyes
Fill with something impossible
And you could stand with me and see the distance
Out before us
For a little while
For a little while

Appropriately, this entry speaks to a need to get away for a while. I’m just home from a Labor Day Weekend camping trip out to the North Fork of Long Island with Rebecca and some very dear friends, so the song is really a diary entry. I wish those of you also traveling home today a safe journey, and I hope your revelry was satisfying. Mine was filled with music and laughter, and that is the best I can hope for from such an excursion.

I began writing another song this morning at the campsite, which I had intended to complete upon this evening’s return to Brooklyn. Instead, I postponed fleshing it out. I’m going to plant it like a seed in my imagination, with the hope that it will flower on another Monday in the near future. Some of these take a little time to grow.

Back to work again in the morning! Vacations only last a little while.


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