Week 40 // Hands And Feet Yeah

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Featured Performers:
Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
Artwork By:
Kate Stitham
Tamarinda Figueroa
Miguel Williams
Dave Roush
Jesse Lindsey
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The truth comes alive just for the sake of it
The cover is wide open, I’m over it
So good I’m alive to be a part of it
The river is wide, I know how to swim in it

Some people they got no beliefs
In the kindness of the people that they meet yeah
And on the Earth we got hands and feet
And we can use them and abuse them like we please yeah

The Earth is so wide open and dangerous
And on every side people get stranger
And they’ve got beauty inside just for the sake of it
And I am alive because I’m in love with it

 width=And here we are at week forty of an experiment that has brought me more personal growth and satisfaction than most other experiences in my adult life. I would be remiss not to mention the extreme feeling of gratitude that has come over me this week. I feel it toward family, friends, and strangers alike who have been so kind, open minded, and receptive to this project as I have worked on it for the better part of a year. I will save any more hubbub and self congratulations for week fifty-two which is fast approaching. For week forty I submit a tune about honesty, the nature of human kindness, the beauty inside strangers and friends, and the desire to learn to stay afloat in a perilous yet beautiful world. The artwork was the product of a gang coloring session with wonderful friends in a house on the Maine coast which become one of the latest stops on my friendship world tour that seems to have taken form out of the remaining weeks of summer. Thanks to those friends, and to all of you who have listened over the past many months. Please stick around!

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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