Week 393 // All of the Pieces

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Searching every face
And so I wonder
How many paces out from her
I’ll spy my other

The call spins me around
Before I hear it
The walls around us
Bend their shapes to guide the spirit

All of the pieces fall into place

I know the things I know
I’ve seen confusion
I’ve seen the patterns set by men
And evil uses

I’ve seen your light come on
I’ve seen the light reach out
I know what contrast cast by light
Is all about

All of the pieces fall into place

And here we are to see it
Here we are to see it
Here we are to see each other

This week, I merely set out to write a nice song. The word “nice” is so devoid of substance and meaning that the task was likely to be in hand by mere virtue of the extreme breadth of possible interpretations of the term. Nonetheless, I think I did what I set out to do. I reached for the safety and warmth at the center of my marriage, and I cast that sensation as a bulwark against the encroaching confusion and darkness of the world at large. That’s a pretty nice thought to anchor a pretty nice song; that if we’re lucky, love can protect us from creeping darkness. There you have it.


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