Week 39 // Take Your Love Down The Line

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Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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The trees
The sun
The hearts
The love
The understanding

And she is him
And he is her
In truth unending

And all who gathered there
would see that love is tangible

Is love the thing that sets apart the human animal?

Take your love down the line
Trust your soul to be kind
Be the light in her eyes

Take your love down the line
Trust your soul to be kind
Be the light in his eyes

 width=My goodness what a wedding! I spent the weekend involved in one of the most beautiful weddings in the history of love! My friends got hitched under white pines and the shining sun on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Maine. I was fortunate enough to be a groomsman, and also had the opportunity to play a set at the cocktail hour with a fine group of friends. The whole experience was life affirming and uplifting in every way. My friends’ marriage has been a forgone conclusion for years, but finally watching them experience their wedding was satisfying on an elemental level. You would have to have been inhuman not to have walked away having learned something a bit more about love than you knew before. It was just that kind of wedding. So here I submit a tune I made up about it.

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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