Week 387 // Holy Signs

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Holy signs
Skin set aglow
Yesterday had sprung
That’s just the way it goes
The ache sets in
Hold me to your breast again

And you were there
In your dirty clothes
The light climbed across your back
It goes where you go
So I can see you shining there

Holy signs
The clock strikes nine
I scramble to my feet

I’m the boy in the rain
A cold dark place
The course of the river changed
It goes any which way
And I could follow each one

And oh when the sun goes down
I look to find holy signs

I tripped over this lovely little guitar run while trying to avoid finishing a different song that I’ve been playing around with for the last week or so. Feeling intimidated to properly write that other song set me free to follow the path that this one lay out ahead of me. I followed it step by step, listening for its wisdom and guidance, and shortly it had led me to a pretty nice folk song.

This is a springtime song. As such it is filled with the sun and rain, the warmth and the chill, high hopes and hedged expectations, and at the center of it all a bright, warm light to follow. It’s a love song. It rolled off my fingers, my pencil, and my tongue as if it had always been there. Perhaps it had been.


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