Week 382 // On the Verge of Closing off Ancient Circles

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Goodness gracious
Sorting out all these pages
On the verge of
Closing off ancient circles

Do the impossible
Weigh down the line
With just your hand
Pay yourself in phrases

First impressions
Dash away first impressions
Then destruction
Tear the world down around you

Do the impossible
Make the world rhyme
With just a gesture
Pay yourself in platitudes

Oh the morning
All the words swirl around the morning
Oh the fisherman
Sets out to
Fill up his net again

Do the impossible
Run for your life
And don’t look behind you
Pay yourself in phrases

As introspective and personal as this project has been over the years, there’s a fairly gaping hole in my personal experience that I tend not to write about very often. I will turn to my long-time listeners to correct me, but I think the last time I explicitly wrote about writing was the funky and endearingly weird “Week 200 // Mount Everest“, the self-titled anniversary track that anthropomorphized this very website.

This track is fairly loose and less ambitious by comparison, but it cuts to some of the same truths of how entwined this writing process and I have become. This track wonders aloud about the dangling themes and threads I have never resolved over the years of ponderous writing that this project has traversed. Truly, I’m never really on the verge of closing off any of these “ancient circles”, as I have termed my ever returning topics and musings in this song. Most thoughts can’t resolve. That isn’t really the point of writing them down, or singing them, or playing them out loud. The point is to interrogate a notion from a slightly different angle each time, and to fill in a piece I haven’t actively noticed before.

Anyhow, writing about writing can be rightly skewered as metatextual navel-gazing, but I think I’ve earned it at this point.


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One thought on “Week 382 // On the Verge of Closing off Ancient Circles

  1. Most of us leave our circles unclosed. We can’t say that we pay ourself in phrases, but we do have plenty of self serving stories that obscure our frequent failure to complete important tasks. We just keep getting to tomorrow by abandoning circles. It’s a thought provoking songs and essay combo. You are not alone. Your just more aware. That’s the job of the artist.

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