Week 381 // Islands

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Sew it on your jacket
A badge to stake your claim
The only image like it
Never one the same

Moon above this island
A mournful eye does watch
And somehow landlocked I am
A circle of a thought

Oh the army waiting
Grand archway they will cross
The grass is red and laden
The islands never lost

This week’s song is a broad sketch of the city and the people in it. I’m playing with the geographic and personal barriers that make New Yorkers islands within islands. I’m also somehow interested in the land as a historical series of battlegrounds. Those battles have been both of wars for the continent, and of personal struggles upon slivers of land over which to lay claim. They are in the past, and they persist. I watch them play out on the street, outside my window, on the bus, beneath the sidewalks, and on park benches.

This song is an approaching shape of an idea that I am trying to tease out. I suspect that there is a cycle of songs dealing with these notions on the way, or perhaps I am already in the midst of it. I think before my next entry, I have to take a step back and hear what I have been writing lately. I haven’t kept up a practice of listening to myself in recent months. I fear writing in a vacuum, locked away from a productive dialogue with my own ideas. I want to locate what I am feeling within the recent body of work, and then respond to what I hear. Stand by for more.


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