Week 38: Wouldn’t You Say/Wouldn’t You Know

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Jesse Mitchell Lindsey
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Wouldn’t you say that sometimes you can’t really know
How things turn away, catch you blind with all of your hopes
And you just can’t get your way if you don’t really try
And wouldn’t you know
Things look great
Then they don’t

And wouldn’t you say that you’re here by a choice of your own?
There are so many ways to disappear
And something has grown inside you saying it’s time you could stand alone
And wouldn’t you know
You had a plan
Now you don’t

And I’m ready for the summer time to pass the torch down the line
‘Cause when autumn comes I’ll be living a new kind of life

Wouldn’t you say that your mind and your heart ought to know
That they are the same, so unkind to be treating them so
Like they could not aim to find the strength in your soul
And wouldn’t you know
You’d lose heart
Except you wont

And I’m ready for the summer time to pass the torch down the line
‘Cause when autumn comes I’ll be living a new kind of life

 width=This is a song about things not going exactly as you intended them to go. It is a pretty simple song, existing within just a few guitar overdubs, a couple of vocal dubs, and an exceedingly simple drum loop that I made in the span of about ten seconds. I have a penchant for doing things in a complicated way, but since the sentiment behind the song was so simple, it seemed natural to keep the instrumentation simple as well. The words describe the emotion that comes with having to make new plans when the ones that seemed so perfect suddenly just don’t work. The emotions range from resignation, to acceptance, and onward toward resolve. It is basically saying “better luck next time!”

Here’s hoping your Monday doesn’t totally suck.

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4 thoughts on “Week 38: Wouldn’t You Say/Wouldn’t You Know”

  1. I am telling you, man. I seriously dig the “simplicity,” but in all honestly this isn’t really all that simple. Your phrases are different lengths, the chords follow a rather long pattern which allows for the melody to hit a bunch of different peaks and valleys, and you have these perfectly guitar riffs that are beautifully harmonized and incredibly tasteful. Seriously, Fiest couldn’t do much better. I love and hate the super reverb on the vocals. I’d like to hear it both ways. Also, the way you end each verse if goddamn gold.

  2. This is a really great song. Your voice is bell like in its clarity and the simple instrumrentation makes it a listening pleasure. You can easily picture it being performed in a club environment to an intimate audience. My guess is a few times through and this song could get stuck in somebodies head.

  3. Hey Jesse sweet song… Good news from camp as far as I can tell there are at least 15 campers who listen to mount everest and a few have you on there iPods just thought you’d be happy to hear it


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