Week 374 // All We Long to Know

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Hours pass
Where do they go?
Everyone I know is packing up their things
And heading nowhere

Foolish grin
Look to the sky
Everyone is pushing childish things aside
With good intentions
Stocking up the shelves
It’s true the wind can change at any second

So hold my hand a little longer
Help me onto my feet
Call the fear a distraction
‘Cause it is

Oh love of mine
What can you see?
By the light of morning
We will soon discern the shape before us
Everyone’s a goner, darling, even us
We won’t escape it

So hold my hand a little tighter
Help me back to my feet
Call my fear just a distraction
‘Cause it is

All we long to know
All we long to know

I have been working up to finishing this song for over a month. The guitar part first occurred to me in early December, during a trip with my wife to visit family in California. Sometimes when I discover a guitar lick or a melody that I like, I don’t have the guts to write the song right away. A byproduct of this project is that many songs don’t get the attention I might like to give them. Time constraints or other circumstances intervene. I’m constantly afraid that a potential gem will come into the world as a rushed, middling effort. So I put it off until a day when I can’t summon another idea to run with instead, and I hope against hope that I don’t mess up a good idea. I think I did alright by this one.

This song is another snapshot of my age. It is watching the the days pass like scenery out a car window. It is fear of change and mortality. It is the itch of ignorance of the future. It is waking up with equal parts trepidation and curiosity. It is asking for help making sense of it all, and getting the help you need.


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