Week 371 // End Cycle (2)

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Say your lines
As they’re written
Take your time
By the book
Leave the house
Strung together
Stay out for a while

Every time
Back to zero
Start again
Every time

Break your plans
Lose the morning
Take your time
If you like
Call your friends
Start the countdown
Go out for a while

Every time
Strung together
By the book
Every time

Lose my page
Starting over
Lost my count

Close your eyes
Count to ten
Forget where you’ve been
Count down from ten

Merry Christmas! Every year I wonder if I’ll finally get around to writing a holiday song. People ask me all the time if I’ve got one in the works. Since I post on Mondays, and Christmas falls on that day this year, I thought that perhaps it was finally time. It turns out that it isn’t. Contributing to such a well worn genre seems daunting. How would I say something new? Should I say something new? Maybe I don’t have it in me. Maybe next year.

Instead, I’m continuing the year-end reflection that I began a week ago. This song shifts focus from the year at large to the year in my head. It was a year of circular thought and action, of beginning and beginning again. I’m ending out the year with true momentum, with a great new job offer, and an optimistic trajectory. The song doesn’t really reflect that, because I wrote it last week, just before it happened. It seems I will be making a clean break with 2017.

For my final thoughts on the year that was, come back on New Year’s Day. In the mean time, enjoy the holiday season with friends and loved ones, and keep each other warm on these cold winter nights.


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