Week 369 // Whims

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Oh we’re deciding the fate of the world
In a room we’re deciding the fate of the world
All of us here are the lucky few
Each of us here in this room

Oh we’re deciding the fate of your family
On a whim we’ll decide what becomes of your family
All of us here are the luckiest men
Each of us here with all our whims

I wrote this song in a hurry last Wednesday before hopping on a plane to California, and had not listened to it since. When I put on my headphones this morning to hear what I had made in advance of this trip, I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. There is movement and harmony. There is a well rounded idea. There is a song here.

This is a song about the carelessness of those who wield power, and their detachment from the consequences of their actions felt by ordinary people. Specifically, I was thinking of the recent late-night senate session in which Republicans hastily passed their tax plan, including amendments scrawled in the margins at the 11th hour. It was a spectacle that drove home the inverse powerlessness experienced by the rest of us. This song isn’t a deep or biting commentary on the dynamics power. It is the impression of a citizen trying to peer through the window of the smoke-filled room, and seeing only children knocking over their blocks.


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One thought on “Week 369 // Whims

  1. Oh do I wish that the Republican senators who did the tax deed had just an inkling of the personal insight and self observing behavior that this song gives them credit of possessing.

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