Week 368 // Pieces

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The calm of my hand
Is a lie I’ve rehearsed
I shouldn’t say
I’ve been telling it a little worse
Day by day

And everyone sees
Through the crowd
Where they’re going
A voice on the street getting loud
And I’m slowing my own pace

All of the pieces will fall into place

Down by the crest of the hill
Rose the moon
And into the valley
Will it set all too soon
Without a trace

And people are crying
For the sound of the truth
Before the buzz of a lie
Becomes a noise that you get used to
Every day

All of the pieces will fall into place

One of the exciting things about this project is that it doesn’t stop to make room for my plans. I just returned from North Carolina, and will leave for California on Wednesday, not to return until after next week’s song is due to be posted. That means I’m writing two songs in more or less two days this week. I like this sort of under-the-gun writing. Wile I’m gravitating towards shorter compositions, for some reason melodies are appearing in my head more or less fully cooked. Harmonies present themselves, rather than having to be sought out. Pieces fall into place. In a similar way, this song is about willing fates to align, both in my life and in the world at large. It is simple, and it is earnest.


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