Week 361 // A Change in the Wind

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And here you are
Your hand in my coat pocket
Warm in there

The stillness and the color
Wrap around you
You carry it

There’s been a change in the wind

When autumn calls
Be brave enough to answer
Make eye contact

When winter swirls
Seek solace in my pocket
It’s warm in there

There’s been a change in the wind

Quite accidentally, I carried last week’s theme of the wind into this week’s entry. The autumn transition is among the best represented subjects in my songs, and the wind is ever its herald. I couldn’t help it.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. But while it can often be an optimistic transition, the fall also carries a hint of foreboding crackling around its edges. That foreboding is often a portent of challenges, trials, and changes. It can be natural this time of year to feel the change in the wind as a warning to brace oneself. I have written before of the value of partnership when facing the cold. This song speaks once again to that sentiment.

I think I should whistle more often. Truthfully, I whistle all the time, everywhere I go. I am unselfconscious about it in public. People look at me like a crazy person. I think that says more about them than it says about me. Still, I almost never record it. I think I could count on less than one hand the number of Everest tracks that make use of my whistle. I think I will work on changing that.


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