Week 360 // Where the Wind Goes

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Let’s stay up late and talk about the past
There’s nothing wrong with looking back
And every time I feel the wind with you
I come to ponder where it goes

All my days
All my days
All my days with you

Let’s ride for hours along a distant road
There’s something shining up ahead
And everywhere I see the colors turn
I know we’re coming ’round again

All my days
All my days
All my days with you

I’m writing this post from a crowded back seat, traveling from Vermont back to New York City. I don’t mind being crammed in like sardines with my wife and close friends as we draw to close a weekend that was spiritually restorative, and luminous with love and friendship. We do this every year, so I was able to anticipate the feeling and sentiment in order to put it to song during the week leading up to the trip. This is a love song. Yes, it’s about my wife, but it is also about my closest friends, and the enduring power of sticking together.


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