Week 358 // To Still the Storm

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Oh to stand on the shore
To glimpse the endless sea
Behold the vastness with you
To still the storm in us

Let’s run away
Let’s run away
Let’s run away

Come run away
Come run away
Come run away

If I’m being totally honest, I wish that I had been a bit more patient with this song. I really like the lilting guitar, and the searching harmonies. I like the sense of space. I think this song probably deserved to have at least another verse and chorus, and probably a bridge for good measure. Perhaps it might have had a deep and fuzzy organ to hold down the bass. Another layer of guitar could have harmonized with the lead late in the song to provide a sense of uplift. I can imagine more, but I didn’t take it there. Still, there is something so nice about this truncated version. It identifies a sense of lament, and offers a bit of hope. I think it comes across.


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One thought on “Week 358 // To Still the Storm

  1. I totally agree with you. This is a great start on something bigger. I hope that you go back to it. it’s a great start that leaves the listener wanting more.

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