Week 356 // Stupid Questions

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If you could be somebody else
Who would you be?

If you could be somebody new
What would you be like?

Would you be smarter than you?
Would you counter all of the worst things that you do?

Would you be stronger than you?

If you could think somebody’s thoughts
Who would you think like?

If you could stop all of the noise
What would it sound like?

Would you be better than you?
Would you alter all of the weak things that you do?

Would you be stronger than you?

It is hard not to compare ourselves to other people. Is that person smarter than me? Are they happier than I am? Do they make more money than I do? Would they more easily overcome the challenges I have faced? Would I have been better off if I was in their shoes? Is that person better than me? Stronger than me?

It is harder than ever to keep our thoughts from wondering down the path of self-comparison, because everyone else we know is curating an intricate, and oftentimes fictional narrative about their lives in a public setting for all to see. We consume each other’s successes and accolades like commodities. We tend to leave out the dark stuff, and when we fail to leave it out, it makes people uncomfortable. So we go on asking the questions.

This song indulges the questions. In a corrective gesture, the song title names them as what they are. Of course we can only ever be ourselves. We can be better or worse versions of ourselves, but we will never live another’s life, dream another’s dreams, or think another’s thoughts. These are stupid questions.


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