Week 352 // Sift

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Gold in the sand of a river bed
Lord I need it so bad I’m losing sleep
When I sift the grains all I find is lead
And I’d leave the gold if it were up to me

I’ve got this
I’ll take it from here

Hand to my heart I’ve got it made
I forget my fortune when I’m losing sleep
I forget the order of the plans we’ve made
And we’d hit the road if it were up to me

We’ve got this
We’ll take it from here

I didn’t have the courage to write about Charlottesville in this week’s song. I thought about it a lot, but if I’m going to write about that, I will need more time. The reinvigoration of white supremacists operating in the open is the most grotesque expression of our American national identity, and it is a larger subject than I had the power to adequately address here today. Instead I wrote something personal and unrelated. I like this song, but I’m unsatisfied by my reluctance to confront the moment we’re living through. I will circle back to this later.

This is a song about letting yourself rely on somebody. I’m in a marriage, so its a topic I think about a lot. I focused on the sweet interplay of guitars, and I think the vocal performance has the right lilt and sway. Listen to this, and think about working together with somebody good.


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One thought on “Week 352 // Sift

  1. This is your best song of the summer. You hit all the important points. The words are deep. The two guitars are beautifully intertwined. Your voice is icing on the cake.

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