Week 351 // Strange Machines

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Strange machines we are
And it shows
How a photograph
of a figure
In a doorway
Stirs the soul

Make your peace
With thoughts of yourself
For your children
And their children
Shall be under
The same spell

Fall asleep
And dream of the Earth
Let its wonder
And its horror
And its splendor
Hold you deep

This song is about the fleeting worries that return, the simple senses that move us, and the often complex contradictions in the ways we relate to the world. The lyrics are nearly as simple as the music. Both are meant to be sparse and open ended. I didn’t let myself dwell for long on the source or meaning of the words I sang. I sought only an impression upon listening, rather than a labored depth to the text. I think that all I meant to sing was that people are built to feel things, so we can’t help doing it.


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