Week 349 // Finding the Tune

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What have I learned
Staring at the blue?
To you I swear
I’ll be of use

Everyone knows
Night’s coming soon
Fingers on strings
Finding the tune

I have a hand
Make this anew
Palms in the Earth
This I can do

No one expects
Up with the moon
Trying the words
Finding the tune

Sometimes songwriting is pretty difficult. This week’s effort was full of false starts and frustrating lapses in creative energy. I kept writing songs I’ve written before. I’m sure this is a problem that many songwriters have faced, but 349 weeks into this project, I find it uniquely common to my process. I have to be okay with sounding like myself. Relaxing into that sentiment helped me to finish this little song, which I like very much because it does something that’s fairly new for me, even while sounding very familiar.

The sentiment of this song is not one that I have explored often, which is that many of the central values of my life have come from writing songs. Chief among those values is persistence. Searching for a tune is a task of variable difficulty depending on any number of given circumstances, but there’s always one to be found should you search long enough, and listen deeply enough to yourself. In one way or another, the rest of life is much the same way. We’re all trying to find the tune.


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