Week 347 // A Fixed Point

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I will not call the future a fixed point
I will not draw my family with a line
I will not look with fear into the rain
I will be ever mindful of the time
There’s only so much of it
I’m never underestimating
I’m never underestimating
I’m never underestimating you

I am struck by dizzying acts of love and courage, committed by ordinary people in my life whose circumstances have revealed them as something far greater. I won’t name names, because their quiet magnitude does not beg that of me.

I want to say that I have seen life lived deeply by powerfully resilient individuals these past years. I have observed how pain and love can coexist. I have marveled at the scale of life’s features, and the audacity of those who stand up in front. I am at a loss with love and admiration for people who have come to be my family.

I can find no more words, so I present this song.


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